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FourKites Partners with 3GTMS to Transform Shipment Visibility into Real-Time Decision-Making

[ August 14, 2017   //   ]

FourKites announced a partnership with 3GTMS. To enhance processes for 3PLs providers and shippers, the partnership incorporates FourKites’ freight visibility platform with 3GTMS’software into a unified powerful offering.

FourKites’ technology gathers shipment status information and location from more than four million GPS/ELD tracking devices and driver cell phones – all in real-time. Together with 3GTMS, FourKites offers customers top-of-the-line shipment visibility capabilities via location
and ETA information updated every 15 minutes, as well as predictive weather and traffic information to assess their impact on arrival times.

“In the past, freight could be delayed by traffic, weather and other factors and would send updates that were hours late,” said J.P. Wiggins, vice president of logistics, 3GTMS. “Now, shippers expect to know where their freight is in real time. By partnering with FourKites, 3GTMS can provide its customers and their clients with immediate tracking capabilities, making it easier to track and manage freight shipping exceptions, if not prevent them in the first place.”

REO Logistics is the first customer to use the integrated solution and has already turned their data into actionable intelligence, providing unmatched visibility and orchestration to its

“We don’t just deliver services; our customers choose us because of our strategic approach, our analytical toolkits and capabilities and our commitment to their success,” said Kevin Reilly, president of REO Logistics Transportation Division. “The power of 3GTMS’ transportation management software, enhanced with FourKites’ freight visibility platform, gives our customers unmatched insight into their operations and the flexibility to serve their own customers’ unique

“What brings FourKites and 3GTMS together is a mutual understanding of why the supply chain needs automation,” said Craig Fiander, senior vice president of global business development at FourKites. “Partnering allows us to provide unparalleled visibility and efficiency to 3PLs and shippers. Customers are equipped with the tools to predict, act and respond to any potential obstacles. Tracking valuable shipments nationwide is no longer a guessing game because customers are armed with complete visibility needed to avoid complications.”

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