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Fortigo Celebrates 20 Years of Supply Chain Innovation

[ November 19, 2021   //   ]

Fortigo Collaborative Logistics is excited to celebrate its 20th anniversary in November. Born and raised in Austin, TX, Fortigo offers a leading on-demand Transportation Management System (TMS) and Freight Audit solution to large, multinational enterprises operating with complex and unique logistics requirements.
The company was founded by George Kontoravdis, Ph.D. in 2001. Prior to launching Fortigo, Kontoravdis spent years consulting for large companies across the country with similar logistics pain points such as lack of supply chain visibility and static decision-making. Fortigo was created to provide on-demand decision making opportunities for optimal supply chain execution. The platform was built from the ground up and offers a web-native solution.
From the early days, the team opted to grow organically and focus on customer needs. Following five years of development and catering to smaller companies, Fortigo welcomed its first multinational, enterprise customer in 2006. That same year, the Freight Audit Solution was introduced to expand the Fortigo platform and offer TMS users a closed-loop audit solution.
The first mobile app in the field was introduced by Fortigo in 2008 to offer asset reconciliation and returns management for customers in the banking and high tech industry. A vendor portal was also launched in 2011, extending functionality outside of the four walls of the enterprise and allowing vendors working with Fortigo customers to be a part of the solution.
Over the past five years, Fortigo has pioneered the one system, any shipment TMS. The Fortigo TMS services all shipping modes, geographies, and freight characteristics, allowing customers to operate both regionally and globally while optimizing their transportation network.
Recently, Fortigo has been expanding its offerings to adapt to an ever-changing logistics environment. This year alone, over 85 new features have been added to the platform. From integrations with leading over-the-road marketplaces to airline cargo systems, the system has evolved to support new internal and external innovations within the industry.
“Looking into the future, we are closely following the ever-changing landscape and are extending our products to integrate with new technologies, including big-data analytics to offer the leading one-stop digital logistics solution for our customers,” Kontoravdis said.