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Former Port Corpus Christi Refrigerated Warehouse Shipped to Colombia

[ December 23, 2015   //   ]

The long standing refrigerated warehouse at Port Corpus Christi was completely dismantled, and well on its way to its second life of service to Port Santa Marta, Colombia in December – per an agreement between the sister ports made in early 2015.

The completely disassembled, the warehouse components were loaded and shipped on the vessel, Onego Rotterdam.

In support of the alignment and construction of a new Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge Port Corpus Christi committed to remove the refrigerated warehouse in 2014. On August 12, 2014, the Port Commission approved a Resolution designating the Refrigerated Warehouse Facility and associated furniture, fixtures, and equipment as surplus property.

Deconstruction was completed by a local contractor. The facility is completely disassembled, and following shipment to Colombia will be completely reassembled as a new refrigerated warehouse at Port Santa Marta.

“As we remove the refrigerated warehouse at Port Corpus Christi to accommodate further growth with a taller Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge, it is great to know the warehouse will provide further beneficial use to Colombia through Port Santa Marta,” said Judy Hawley, Port Corpus Christi Commission Chair.

Mauricio Suárez Ramírez, Port Santa Marta CEO, maintains that the shipment as historic for his country’s international trade and infrastructure. “Colombia handles large flows of refrigerated cargo, but did not have a port that holds all of these features,” he said. “Without a doubt, this will be the greatest capacity and efficiency of the country, and service large volumes of cargo through the terminal and for Colombian Export.”

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