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First train arrival at Stockholm Norvik Port

[ June 12, 2020   //   ]

The first Green Cargo train arrived at Stockholm Norvik Port on June 9 on the newly built industrial branch line. Ports of Stockholm has built just over four kilometres of industrial branch line to couple Stockholm Norvik Port to the Swedish railway network; an investment of SEK 800 million.

“It’s fantastic that the first train has now rolled into Stockholm Norvik Port. The industrial branch line links Stockholm Norvik Port to the entire Swedish rail network and is an important prerequisite for sustainable transport, as well as being able to offer good service to our customers,” says Johan Wallén, Marketing and Sales Manager at Ports of Stockholm.

Ports of Stockholm owns, and is responsible for, the operation of the branch line.

“Today the first train will transport containers on the Green Cargo rail network from Stockholm Norvik Port for real! This is the culmination of long-term planning in a rewarding and good collaboration between partners. Stockholm Norvik Port is a modern port with an infrastructure to meet market demands for increased frequency and capacity on the rail network. It is primarily businesses and customers in the Stockholm region, and central Sweden that will have an increased need for robust and reliable logistics solutions over the coming years. We are very happy to be able to provide this service,” says Robert Vintander, Branch Sales Manager, Green Cargo.