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Europe’s biggest e-logistic park with over 700,000 sqm of warehouses.

[ December 4, 2019   //   ]

E-commerce confirms its vitality in Europe by marking its switch to a new market trend requiring today’s companies to adapt their long-term strategy to reach this promising growing market.

According to the latest report published by the European Ecommerce Europe lobby, this sector’s turnover is expected to INCREASE BY 13.6% in 2019 compared to 2018.

The spending by online shoppers in Northern Europe remain the highest (€ 2,046 per year per consumer) despite a global European increase of 2% (120€ per consumer).

Northern Europe has always attracted a plethora of companies around the world for its large concentration of consumers with high purchasing power and its large distribution network. That is why this region is affirming its place as the more strategic host for the global e-commerce.

For the first time in Europe, the creation of a true ecosystem entirely dedicated to e-commerce and to the hybrid business, makes e-Valley the pioneer in this domain! This former air base, settles down on 320 hectares with more than 700,000 sqm of warehouses (equivalent to Daxin international airport in Pekin) and 85,000 sqm of full integrated services (hotel, restaurants, co-working spaces ..) to offer web merchants, e-logisticians and retailers a level of unparalleled service.

Located in the Haut-De-France for its strategic and optimal access to Europe, this multimodal platform (highways, Canal Seine-Nord, trading ports, railroads and Airbus Drones) reaches up to 80 million consumers with a high purchasing power.

Convoys of merchandise from China to France are already operating cutting the delivery time by 3 while reducing the carbon foot print and the delivery cost. e-Valley directly benefits from the BRI RAILROAD SYSTEM confirming its MULTIMODAL POSITION.