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eShipGlobal Unveils eShipLab 2.0

[ November 10, 2015   //   ]

eShipGlobal has unveiled its eShipLab 2.0.  eShipLab 2.0 includes complete integration with International Air Transport Association (IATA) HAZMAT tables, fully automated Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods forms, and improved material classification. It features a host of other updates designed to improve the hazardous materials shipping process.
Shippers now only need to input the material name, inner package material type, and net quantity and eShipLab 2.0 will identify the best way to ship the material and print all required information on the shipping forms. Built-in Department of Transportation (DOT) ground shipping support enables shippers to ship larger quantities of hazardous materials via ground.
A new feature segregates dangerous goods, preventing shippers from inadvertently packaging reactive materials together. Split cost allocation allows shippers to bill multiple cost codes or departments when needed. Proper shipment labeling and documentation help shippers avoid fines, additional carrier fees, and mishandling of packages and research materials.
eShipLab 2.0 helps eliminate many of the challenges of shipping dangerous goods while saving on shipping cost and time.  eShipLab ensures compliance wherever your shipment’s final destination may be. eShipLab 2.0 provides up-to-date integrations of the latest regulations, and provides support every step of the way.