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enVista Partners with ProShip to Help Customers Improve Global Freight Visibility

[ March 7, 2019   //   ]

enVista, a global consulting and software solutions firm, recently announced its partnership with ProShip, Inc., a Neopost company and leader in logistics software and supply chain solutions. ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software will now be able to provide its customers with the ability to improve global freight visibility, enhance operational control and reduce shipping expenses through enVista’s myShipINFO® platform. myShipINFO® is a global freight audit and payment platform and business intelligence tool that can process invoices in any currency or language and transforms transportation data into actionable information.

With parcel growth rising exponentially year after year, today’s shippers are looking at shipping data to analyze carrier performance, shipping rates and invoices in order to improve their logistics management strategy. By adding enVista’s myShipINFO® advanced features, ProShip will equip their customers with a strong view of their shipping spend, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that reduce overall costs.

“Too often players in the shipping industry forget the power of parcel analytics,” said Matt Mullen, senior vice president and managing director of ProShip, Inc. “Being able to track your parcel shipping spend through shipping software highlights where there might be weak spots in your supply chain or other emerging patterns. enVista will help our customers to report and take action against these instances.”

“enVista’s myShipINFO® implementation with ProShip software will provide users with the capability to monitor freight spend and provide recommendations to ensure companies aren’t spending unnecessary money – either by paying preventable charges, paying too high of rates or by using inefficient processes. This partnership will give users the technology needed to evaluate carrier services, from source to consumption, and to generate cost savings on all shipping modes,” said John Stitz, Senior Managing Partner of enVista.

“When it comes to improving our software, ProShip will stop at no bounds,” added Mullen. “By adding enVista’s powerful parcel visibility tools, ProShip provides actionable data to both save money and optimize shipping performance, leading to stronger-than-ever customer revenue streams.”