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Emirates SkyCargo operations special Charters to fly cherries from Chile

[ December 23, 2019   //   ]

Between 15 November and 13 December 2019, Emirates SkyCargo operated several special charter flights to transport cherries from Chile to destinations in East Asia including Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul. The cherries made their way from Santiago on Emirates SkyCargo’s Boeing 777 freighter aircraft which have the capacity to carry around 100 tonnes of cargo per flight. In total, more than 850 tonnes of cherries were transported in nine flights from Santiago.

Cherries are one of the most important fresh produce exports from Chile. During the last financial year (2018/19), the country exported around 180,000 tonnes of cherries to global markets and the volume of exports is expected to grow during the current season.

Emirates SkyCargo is an important facilitator of exports from Chile to the rest of the world. During its first year of operations in Chile (July 2018-June 2019), the carrier helped export over 4000 tonnes of
Chilean salmon to China and other markets across the world on its passenger flights. In addition to cherries and salmon, Emirates SkyCargo also helps exporters in Chile to transport other local produce including blueberries and grapes.

Emirates SkyCargo provides one of the fastest connections by air for cargo travelling between Chile and East Asia.

The carrier also offers a specialized solution called Emirates Fresh which ensures that fresh fruits, vegetables and other produce retain their freshness during the journey from origin to destination. The
product is backed by the strength of Emirates SkyCargo’s modern fleet of 270 all widebody aircraft, innovative equipment including the Emirates Fresh Cool Dollies, the Emirates White Cover thermal blankets and state of the art infrastructure featuring extensive cool chain facilities in Dubai. During the last financial year, Emirates SkyCargo moved more than 400,000 tonnes of perishables across the world.