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Easyship gives global sellers access to SEKO Logistics eCommerce solutions

[ February 22, 2019   //   ]

Easyship’s 40,000+ retail and etail customers are gaining improved access to cross-border eCommerce solutions in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Australia through their new global partnership with SEKO Logistics.

Customers looking for fast and cost-efficient global shipping solutions can now book deliveries directly through SEKO on the Easyship platform – seamlessly connecting sellers of all sizes with best-in-class, worldwide shipping services.

Along with providing a shipping gateway for every seller’s online store, Easyship’s all-in-one shipping tool calculates tax and duties for worldwide deliveries, provides rate comparisons, service analytics, pre-filled customs documentation for all countries, and a shipping management dashboard allowing sellers to view all transactions. In addition, Easyship’s tool offers storage and pick-and-pack fulfilment services, shipping labels, the ability to arrange pick-ups and global tracking.

For sellers, showing customers real-time shipping options and full cost visibility triples the likelihood of online purchase completion and significantly reduces shopping cart abandonment rates. Also, Easyship now provides merchants US domestic returns, and branded email and tracking, regardless of the final mile postal carrier.

Brian Bourke, VP of Marketing at SEKO Logistics, commented: “2018 was our busiest year ever for cross-border eCommerce traffic and, in Asia Pacific, this was partly due to our partnership with Easyship. By creating a global partnership between our two companies and offering the pricing and transit times needed to gain customer orders and build brand loyalty, we are enabling shippers of all sizes to leverage our next-day, cross-border eCommerce reach, final mile postal integrations, and returns services.

“We have been growing our bundled parcel and freight solutions for the past five years and we’ve seen a lot of changes in the market over this time; specifically, in relation to technology tools. Last year, we made a strategic decision to partner more with technology providers that are already engaged with big eCommerce platforms in an effort to facilitate the integration of our solution and to accelerate customer onboarding. This initiative has allowed us to scale faster by taking away the need for system integration with different retailers. Easyship has already done this with over 40,000 sellers and, with a rapidly growing base, we can immediately offer their customers our proven solutions. What we especially like about Easyship is that, from day one, they have been thinking as a global eCommerce channel. For example, we know that their duty and tax calculators are exactly what sellers are looking for to increase their confidence of trading internationally. This is a key partnership for SEKO Logistics which will generate a lot more interest in our cross-border services and huge growth opportunities.”

Augustin Ceyrac, Easyship Co-Founder, said: “Easyship is breaking down the final barrier in global eCommerce by making cross-border shipping as accessible as domestic shipping. By partnering with SEKO, in APAC, Europe and North America, we enable our client’s access to world class shipping infrastructure to accelerate their growth.”