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East Coast Warehouse & Distribution Launches Cloud-Based RFID Yard Management System

[ November 18, 2015   //   ]

East Coast Warehouse & Distribution has launched PINC Solutions’ cloud-based advanced yard management system to help manage imports and exports for its food and beverage customers, U.S. Customs & Border Protection Centralized Examination Station (CES) and container freight station (CFS) services.

Through this system, each container moving in and out of East Coast Warehouse will be given a magnetic RFID tag that will track its location using RFID readers and GPS sensors mounted on spotter trucks. This will enable both employees and customers to have visibility into the status of containers – including whether they are in transit, arrived at the facility, in process of being unloaded, unloaded or have been emptied and checked out.

“PINC’s yard management application will play an integral role both across our campus and for our customers,” said Jamie Overley, CEO of East Coast Warehouse. “Having instant visibility into container locations will boost our operating efficiencies, help reduce errors, risk and exposure, and allow customers to have a clear window into our operations. We believe this will be a successful partnership with positive results for our organization and that of our customers.”

PINC’s cloud-based advanced yard management system automates yard operations including check-in, yard moves and checkout, and provides automatic asset tracking to ensure a continuously updated yard situation. Electronic tasking, reefer checking and spotter monitoring increase efficiency and yard safety.

Located on the Port of New York/New Jersey, East Coast Warehouse is a leading temperature-controlled 4PL provider. The new RFID yard management system will further streamline shipment management and yard operations, and will boost operating efficiencies. The system will track each container moving in and out of the East Coast Warehouse campus – and will allow for customer and employee visibility into the status of each container.