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DFW Airport Invests in Cargo Technology

[ December 4, 2020   //   ]

DFW Airport is using Nallian’s cloud based data sharing platform for cargo customers, allowing seamless transactions across the supply chain. Over time, this will include freight forwarders, shippers, ground handling agents, 3PLs, airlines, Customs and Border Protection, and trucking companies – empowering them to coordinate their cross-company processes.
“DFW Airport continues to focus and invest in our cargo business. This new platform makes processing cargo through DFW more efficient by providing accurate and timely information to our cargo community,” said John Ackerman, Executive Vice President of global strategy and development at DFW Airport. “We are excited to work with Nallian and our international airport partners to offer this digital platform to our cargo and logistics customers.”
Jean Verheyen, CEO at Nallian, added, “We are honored to work with DFW Airport who is committed to raising the bar for innovation and excellence in air cargo. With Nallian’s mission in mind – ‘to make the world operate as one’ – we are thrilled to see how our infrastructure also empowers forward-thinking airports such as DFW and their partners to leverage the power of digitization on a global level.”
This new application-based technology will reduce the amount of time and paperwork required for cargo shipments coming through the Airport and is part of the Airport’s digital transformation strategy. A dedicated Slot Booking application allows truckers and freight forwarders to request and reserve dock door slot times, eliminating wait times while reducing roadway congestion and harmful emissions. Future enhancements will include real time pharmaceutical tracking and monitoring capabilities, ensuring higher levels of safety and product integrity. This allows multinational collaboration among global cargo hubs.
DFW is focused on air cargo, an essential industry to North Texas. The Airport handled 971,000 tons of cargo in FY19 and has steadily risen to become one of the top international cargo hubs. DFW’s central US location is the nexus of Latin America-Asia transit freight, and an ideal hub for e-commerce. Strong Asian freighter service and the ongoing growth of its Latin America network add to DFW’s geographic advantage.

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