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Descartes ShipRush™ Offers Full LTL Freight Support

[ August 23, 2019   //   ]

Descartes Systems Group announced that the Descartes ShipRush™ cloud-based ecommerce shipping solution now fully supports both parcel and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight to provide companies with a single platform to meet their shipping requirements. Descartes ShipRush makes it easier for customers to evaluate parcel and LTL
options to make better shipping decisions for their requirements.

The benefits of adding LTL freight to Descartes ShipRush include:

* PARCEL AND LTL FREIGHT IN ONE SOLUTION – offers an extensive list of national and regional LTL freight carriers and the ability to access both parcel and LTL services in one solution.

* SIDE-BY-SIDE CARRIER RATE SHOPPING FOR LTL FREIGHT – simplifies the process of sorting through the many carrier options and factors to determine cost-effective LTL shipment alternatives.

* SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS ON BULK SHIPMENTS AND LARGE ITEMS – helps to determine when and how to use LTL, which can result in up to 50 percent in shipping savings versus parcel. Parcel shippers that occasionally
need to ship a bulk order or an item that is too big or expensive for parcel now have an easy way to compare options.

* AUTOMATE BEST PRACTICES – standardizes and streamlines shipping decisions to help ensure the correct procedures are followed, cost-effective options are selected and the time to make shipping decisions is reduced.

* LTL FREIGHT CAPABILITIES ACCESS THE SAME RICH DESCARTES SHIPRUSH FUNCTIONALITY – connects ecommerce companies to over 80 marketplaces, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and accounting solutions. Download and manage orders, rate shop, print shipping labels and keep accounting current with one solution.

“As a multi-channel business, ZUP’s shipping needs are complex. We process both individual marketplace orders and large palletized orders for our network of dealers,” said Nick Kierpiec, director of operations for ZUP. “The ability to do everything in one platform, including process incoming orders and rate shop the best price and delivery options for parcel and LTL, saves us both time and money.”

Descartes ShipRush is a cloud-based shipping solution and part of Descartes’ ecommerce suite. Descartes offers industry-leading capabilities for companies that need an ecommerce-enabled shipping solution, and for carriers and logistic service providers wanting to offer superior customer service through white-labelled shipping tools with managed service options.

“Descartes continues to drive ecommerce shipping innovation by bringing together LTL freight, parcel shipping and rate shopping on a cost-effective platform for ecommerce companies,” said Troy Graham, Senior Vice President, Business Development for Descartes Systems Group. “These combined capabilities help companies, like ZUP, remove the guesswork from choosing the best combination of cost and service for their shipments.”