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Descartes Datamyne releases annual 2021 US ports report

[ May 27, 2021   //   ]

Descartes Datamyne recently released its annual 2021 US Ports Report. Ranking the Top 30 US maritime ports by import volumes (in TEUs) and value, the report offers a closer look at 2020 data and overall trends in US imports, the impact of trade policy and tariff changes, supply chain and sourcing shifts, and provides an overview of the trade impact of COVID-19 on each of the Top 30 ports.
Here are a few top-line findings:
Overall, US maritime import volume as measured by TEUs increased in 2020 compared to 2019 by 2.9%. This stems from sizable increases in total volume imported from Asia. China, the top country of origin for US maritime imports, increased its total volume of TEUs exported to the U.S. by 2.3%, South Korea by 4.9%, and Taiwan by 5.5%.
One of the highlight points for US supply chains has been the emergence of Vietnam as a top supplier of US maritime importers. Since 2017, Vietnam has increased its share of the US market by 3% and now accounts for 7.6% of the volume of all US maritime imports. In 2020, the US saw a 24.6% increase in the volume of exports from Vietnam.
This increase in the volume of imports has not resulted in an increase in the value of imports into the US In fact, the value of maritime imports into the US, derived from Census data, has fallen by more than $120 billion, or 10.8%.
The Port of L.A. ranked #1 on the list at 4.8M TEUs, Long Beach, CA ranked #2 at 4.04M TEUs and New York/Newark fell to #3 at 3.89M TEUs

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