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DB Schenker Logistics Offers Parcel Product; GLS Will Expand Freight Transport Solutions

[ September 21, 2015   //   ]

DB Schenker Logistics and the GLS Group have signed a strategic partnership agreement in Europe whereby the companies now will assist each other in their transport services. DB Schenker Logistics will offer a Europe-wide parcel service, and GLS will expand its offer of freight services. The framework agreement for the non-exclusive cooperation was signed in early September.

The parcel service GLS, which is active throughout Europe, will deliver parcels for the DB subsidiary. Under the same agreement, DB SL will handle part-load transports (pallets) for GLS.

Customers of both companies will have access to a wide range of new transport solutions through their respective logistics provider – in both their domestic and international business. DB Schenker Logistics plans to offer parcel services for corporate customers in Europe under its own brand and thus complete its land transport product portfolio.

In order to provide seamless parcel services in the almost 40 European countries in which the logistics company operates, a partner with an appropriate parcel network was required.

GLS covers 37 countries in Europe with its parcel services.

Under the cooperation agreement, DB Schenker Logistics will manage parts of the transport chain itself and in general will collect parcels together with freight from customers. GLS provides further transport and delivery to businesses and their end customers.

The implementation of the cooperation will start on 1 January 2016, initially in Germany and then step by step across Europe.

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