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DB Schenker implements green search engine Ecosia

[ October 27, 2019   //   ]

DB Schenker’s goal to become the world’s leading green logistics provider, the company is committed to environmental sustainability. Ecosia – an alternative search engine which uses income generated from search ads to plant trees – is the default search engine for approximately 62,000 DB Schenker employees worldwide.

Jochen Thewes, CEO of DB Schenker, says, “At DB Schenker we are aware of the responsibility we hold to set sustainable standards in logistics and are continuously trialing innovative solutions in environmental protection. The implementation of Ecosia as our default search engine is the latest initiative as we work towards our goal of being the leading green logistics provider across the globe. DB Schenker colleagues are extremely dedicated to protecting our environment and I believe we have huge potential to make a difference.”

According to Berlin-based start-up Ecosia, an average of 45 searches are needed to generate enough income to plant one new tree. If each DB Schenker employee performs just one search per working day, enough revenue could be earned to plant over 1,300 trees in one day. This could equate to over one million trees in the next three years. By implementing this solution, DB Schenker has the potential to improve the environmental sustainability of the logistics industry as a whole.

DB Schenker aims to be an environmental pioneer within the logistics industry. This year, the company opened their first low-carbon distribution center in Oslo, Norway, and is currently testing the use of electric trucks and vans in six countries. As part of DB Schenker’s ongoing commitment to global climate initiative EV100, the company is continuously trialing alternative drives in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Christian Kroll, CEO of Ecosia, says, “Making Ecosia the default search engine should be a no brainer for companies that are working towards becoming more sustainable. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case. We appreciate the initiative by DB Schenker to switch and are very happy to welcome 62,000 new users. When big companies like DB Schenker or universities and schools switch to Ecosia it has a great impact on our reforestation efforts.”

80% of revenue generated from search ads is used by Ecosia to fund nonprofit organizations focusing on reforestation. Ecosia works with local partners and focuses on biodiversity hotspots to plant trees where they are can benefit the environment, people and local economies. To date, over 70 million trees have been planted using income generated by Ecosia users. Since Ecosia is powered by renewable energy, each search is carbon negative and removes CO2 from the atmosphere. Additionally, Ecosia is transparent in their financial reporting and guarantees user privacy and data protection.