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Dachser México Transports Critical Automotive Supplies Via Helicopter

[ February 11, 2021   //   ]

Dachser México, a subsidiary of global logistics provider Dachser, recently leveraged its Critical Cargo service to develop an out-of-the-box solution to move critical automotive supplies 255 miles in four and a half hours in an effort to avoid a $3,000 (USD)-a-minute production line work stoppage for its customer. The trip from the manufacturing site in Celaya to the plant of a world-renowned car manufacturer outside Mexico City typically requires five to six hours by truck, so Dachser Mexico chartered a helicopter to provide the quickest, most efficient mode of transport.

“Through our Critical Cargo service, Dachser Mexico was able to determine the fastest air route to ensure these essential supplies were delivered quickly,” added Mr. Edgardo Hamon, Managing Director, Dachser Mexico. “Our Critical Cargo service is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the fast-paced nature of the automotive industry, offering rapid response, comprehensive support and full transparency to meet high-priority delivery timetables.”

Dachser Mexico’s Critical Cargo service offers high-priority logistics support for last-minute and time sensitive cargo deliveries. Dachser Mexico’s experienced team can quickly assess a critical situation, identify transportation alternatives and implement a delivery solution that meets a customer’s time and cost concerns. Specific for shipments that are heavily dependent on arrival times, Dachser Mexico’s Critical Cargo service ensures that urgent deliveries are made promptly and reliably.

Further, this exceptional service provides real-time notifications through its innovative location tracking system at each milestone. It provides customers with end-to-end visibility for optimal control and transparency. Additionally, it fully monitors shipment conditions as well as chain of custody to ensure shipment and delivery integrity.

The mission was to transport 120 boxes of essential automotive supplies, weighing over 780 kgs to their end-customer’s plant site located outside Mexico City. The customer urgently required this cargo shipment delivered as swiftly as possible to their end-customer’s site; this was made even more challenging given the current pandemic situation and required safety protocols.

In order to transport these supplies in an urgent method to avoid a plant stoppage, Dachser Mexico determined the quickest transport method was via an Airbus EC145 passenger helicopter. With the helicopter’s limit of 600 kgs, the remaining less time-sensitive cargo was transported by land in order to avoid leasing an additional helicopter and was immediately added to production upon its arrival.

Upon its arrival at the plant site, trucks were waiting to immediately bring these critical automotive supplies directly to its production line. Dachser Mexico personnel were also present to supervise the off-loading operation and provide any necessary in-house support. The team managed the entry of the helicopter onto the premises, informed the local plant staff regarding its departure-to-arrival, including the delivery via land, every 15 minutes, ensuring full transparency and communication.

Interestingly, without these supplies, the production line would have ceased at 7:30 pm. In fact, it would have costed roughly $3,000 (USD) per minute in stoppage costs for the end-customer. With only just minutes to spare, the helicopter successfully landed at 7:20 pm and a potentially costly stoppage was favorably averted.

By leveraging its Critical Cargo service expertise and resources, Dachser Mexico successfully delivered the essential supplies without issue as it arrived on-time including the additional load by land. As a result, the end-customer avoided a production line stoppage and just as important, steep stoppage costs were prevented. The final outcome has been one of resounding customer satisfaction.

“With decades of industry experience working with leading automakers, OEMs and tier-one suppliers from around the globe, Dachser Mexico Critical Cargo service enables customers maximum speed and efficiency while keeping costs in check,” said Mr. Hamon. “We expertly serve our customers by offering a best-in-class integrated solutions and services portfolio that leverages Dachser’s global transport and warehouse network to meet the unique needs of the automotive industry.”