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CX North America Releases Freight Vision Mobile App

[ July 28, 2017   //   ]

CX North America Information Services, Inc. announced the availability of the Freight Vision Mobile App, a new product designed to give a range of users, especially at the management level, visibility over the status of their freight operations anytime and anywhere. Nicknamed the “4:00 a.m. App,” the app recognizes that key business activity frequently occurs outside of normal business hours. During off-hours away from the office, managers lack connectivity with the systems version of Freight Vision and the operations staff who often provide them delivery status updates. The easy-to-use mobile app fills this gap by delivering real-time status information over their smartphones or other mobile devices on demand.

The Freight Vision Mobile App delivers information related exclusively to drivers and shipments already in the system. It does not, for example, allow new deliveries to be scheduled. However, the Freight Vision Mobile App is feature-rich when it comes to the visibility and communications capabilities for which it is designed.