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CSX Honored for Service by National Defense Transportation Association

[ November 1, 2017   //   ]

The National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) recently selected CSX as a recipient of its 2017 Distinguished Service Award in recognition of the company’s “invaluable support of the organization’s goals and aims.”

Since World War II, the NDTA has served the United States’ national defense and homeland security community as a trusted forum where government, military, and private sector professionals can solve pressing challenges in the fields of logistics and transportation.

As one of the nation’s largest freight railroads, CSX is a vital link in the supply chain that sustains military operations at home and abroad through efficient, reliable transportation of materials, equipment and supplies.

CSX has a long and proud history of supporting the nation’s military, dating back to the 1800s through its predecessor, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. In World War I and II, the railroad played a critical role in transporting materials for manufacturing ships, planes, weapons and military vehicles, and transporting troops to military installations and departure points for deployment.

“The ability to execute ‘at the speed of war’ is just as true today of CSX,” said Michael Rutherford, vice president of industrial products at CSX. “Precision Scheduled Railroading, with its commitment to executing at high standards with a sense of urgency, reinforces the value that CSX brings to our men and women in uniform.”

Today CSX transports vital materials and equipment such as tanks and tactical vehicles to military bases in the U.S. The company also employs thousands of veterans – currently 17 percent of its workforce has served or is serving in the armed forces – and CSX has a strong training and professional development program for veterans looking to use their unique skills in the private sector.

With its continued commitment to the security of the nation’s supply chain and vital logistics network, CSX is honored to be recognized by public-private partnerships such as the NDTA, where the country’s best minds can work together to solve the greatest transportation challenges of today and tomorrow.

The award was presented concurrently with the NDTA-U.S. Transportation Command Fall Meeting. This year’s theme, Force Projection – Assuring Access: Cyber & Physical, focused on the challenges facing the defense logistics enterprise in the current security environment.