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COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co., Ltd. unveils ‘Nine Service Standards’ globally

[ January 30, 2017   //   ]

‘Customer-orientation’ is COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co., Ltd.’s permanent pursuit. Supported by over 200 international shipping lines, worldwide service network and extended service system, we will keep on providing optimized end-end transportation solutions for you. Since the foundation of the new company, through the collection of complaints and consultation as well as the analysis of customers’ ‘pain points’ and ‘difficult points’, we gradually determined the key services that have the most impact on customer experience during service flow, which lays the foundation on which we release the ‘Nine Service Standards’ that bases on the principle of ‘measurable’, ‘traceable’ , ‘sustainable improvement’ and covers the whole flow of foreign trade transportation . We hereby announce with honor that ‘Nine Service Standards’ has been officially released on January 1, 2017 and has been implemented worldwide. The details are as follows:

Bookings will be responded within two hours upon receipt during a working/business day.
Given that vessel allocation is available and booking information provided is complete and comprehensive, booking confirmation turn time will be two hours for both standard dry and reefer cargo, and two working days for both hazardous and awkward (OOG) cargo.

Equipment Release
Equipment will be reserved for pickup within 48 hours after customer’s request for equipment pickup has been confirmed.

B/L Releasing
Original Bill of Lading will be ready within one working day after the vessel departure, under the condition that shipping instructions have been submitted in a timely and proper manner.

Invoice will be available within one working day after the vessel departure, under the condition that invoice information received is accurate and timely.

Schedule Reliability
Schedule integrity of COSCO SHIPPING operated vessels will exceed 95% reliability (except in condition of force majeure)

Connection voyage will be available online at our website ( three days prior to cargo arriving at the trans-shipment port. Trans-shipment results will be available online one day after cargo departs from trans-shipment port.
Our goal is cargo that moves through a trans-shipment port with target of seven days but no longer than fourteen days maximum.

Arrival Notice
Arrival notice will be delivered one day prior to cargo arrival.

Counter Service
Service procedure will be completed within fifteen minutes upon arrival at service counter (only applicable for regions with counter service).

Issues Resolution
Invoice disputes will be resolved within five working days.
Commercial disputes with clear facts will be handled within seven working days.
Complaint resolution (following receipt of complaint) will be provided within five working days.

The above-mentioned is just for reference and should not be considered as the warranty/guarantee in any conditions.

The release of ‘Nine Service Standards’ is nothing but a beginning. COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co., Ltd. will continue optimization of customer service flow, improvement of customer experience and receive the supervision of the customer worldwide. You are welcomed to give the comments and suggestions through our official and we will give the feedback as soon as possible.