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Cool Chain Association Members Pilot Data Sharing Initiative Aimed at Reducing Food Loss

[ March 29, 2019   //   ]

Cool Chain Association (CCA) members will pilot a data sharing initiative to monitor perishable shipments on trade lanes from Latin America to Europe, and from the USA to the Middle East, in a bid to improve supply chain management and reduce food loss.

The pilot will involve tracking shipments of commodities such as avocados and berries from grower to consignee, with all members of the supply chain sharing data to identify Temperature Excursions and pinch points and working together to find solutions.

The data will be analysed by Food Loss and Waste Expert Philippe Schuler, and the results made available to the industry to demonstrate how collaboration can tangibly improve the cool supply chain.

Initial results will be discussed at the CCA’s Global Perishables Event at Fresh Park Venlo, The Netherlands, May 14th to 15th 2019.