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Containers lead all segments at Expanded Panama Canal

[ October 12, 2018   //   ]

Argelis Moreno de Ducreux, the Leader of the Panama Canal’s Liner Services Segment reports that the Panama Canal’s various vessel segments have all been growing steadily, particularly the container segment.

Since the Expanded Canal opened in 2016. Since its opening, the average containership size transiting the waterway increased by 28% increase in only two years of operation. In August, the Canal set a new monthly container milestone, accounting for 14.4 million tons (PC/UMS) after facilitating the transit of 233 container vessels.

 “Over the next few years, we expect container volumes crossing the Canal will continue to rise by about 6% annually, which will only strengthen our role in the global marketplace and allow for the movement of more goods from countries around the world,” he said.