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CMA CGM Price Change

[ March 1, 2017   //   ]

In from CMA CGM: After considering carefully recent changes in the Chinese container shipping market, and always committed to its clients’ best interest, CMA CGM’s senior management has decided to adjust the THC (Terminal Handling Charge) applicable to CMA CGM operations in Chinese ports (i.e. the OTHC).
The new average THC rate will be adjusted from RMB 694.8 per TEU to 560.2 RMB per TEU.
However, it is important to note that the aforementioned average rate is for your reference only. In practice, the actual THC will vary on a port-by-port basis and will depend on the type of equipment as well as the size of container.

Officials suggest referring to the CMA CGM website for further details relating to the actual applicable THC.
The new average THC rate mentioned above will only apply to newly executed carriage agreements (including the long-term agreements or spot agreements) entered into between our company and our clients after April 1, 2017.
The new THCs may vary from time to time, along with the actual costs incurred by CMA CGM, and in accordance with legal requirements.