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China Airlines Tops Global Airline Industry in Sustainability Yearbook 2023

[ March 20, 2023   //   ]

S&P Global, the international sustainability assessment organization, has revealed the latest results for the Sustainability Yearbook 2023. China Airlines was assessed as the top performer in ESG (Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance) in the global airline industry and placed in the Top 1% of the Sustainability Yearbook. As the only transportation company to make the list for the sixth time, China Airlines has set a new benchmark for sustainability among Taiwanese airlines.
The Sustainability Yearbook 2023 was compiled from the results of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). More than 7,800 large enterprises in 61 industries across the world were assessed on their sustainability performance. The companies in the Top 1%, 5% and 10% of their industry were then determined based on the overall performance of the industry. Just five airlines in the world made the cut. China Airlines delivered a strong performance in the Environment and Social aspects, scoring full marks in categories such as human capital development, corporate citizenship and philanthropy, passenger safety, sustainable marketing, and brand perception. China Airlines also topped the airline industry in 10 categories including environmental policy and management system, operational eco-efficiency, climate strategy, food loss and waste. The cargo division, a stellar performer during COVID-19, also scored full marks in fuel efficiency and management assessment. This demonstrated that corporate business strategy can be successfully combined with sustainability ideals and showcased the sustainability prowess of China Airlines to the world.
As part of its corporate sustainability initiative, China Airlines has declared its commitment to achieving “net zero carbon emissions” by 2050 and 11 short, medium and long-term Sustainable Development Goals. More than 70 environmental protection and energy conservation KPIs are now implemented each year. China Airlines is also voluntarily pushing to power 10% of its ground operations with renewable energy by 2030. At the same time, China Airlines has taken the lead in responding to climate risk by publishing the first independent report for Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in the Taiwanese transportation sector. It was also the only airline in Taiwan to introduce Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) on ferry flights of its new fleet aircraft. Last year, China Airlines participated in the first SkyTeam “The Sustainable Flight Challenge” where it won the “Best Sustainable Innovation Cargo Award” and “Best Employee Engagement Award.”
China Airlines has won widespread recognition for its promotion of corporate sustainability. These included the winning of three Sustainability Yearbook bronze awards since 2017 and being promoted to silver award for two consecutive years. This year, the airline reached new heights by coming in the Top 1% of the Sustainability Yearbook 2023. China Airlines is the only transportation company in Taiwan to have been included in the DJSI for seven consecutive years and is placed first in the global airline industry. Other accolades including the National Sustainable Development Award, National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award, Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA), and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA) all represent public recognition of the airline’s tireless efforts to implement corporate sustainability and promote sustainable development.
“Continued implementation of ESG to create sustainable corporate competitiveness” has been embraced by China Airlines as its core for sustainable development. In addition to longstanding charitable initiatives such as supporting the local community, giving back to society, caring for disadvantaged groups and helping rural children, this year China Airlines partnered with Vox Nativa Taiwan to host the “China Airlines Junior Pilot Camp”, with Huashan Foundation again on “Elder Care and Reunion”, as well as other public welfare events. As the leader in sustainability in the global airline industry, China Airlines will continue to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen in the post-COVID era in order to make a difference and work together for the betterment of society.

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