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CHAMP Cargosystems celebrates 25 years of electronic data communication and integration under TRAXON brand

[ October 21, 2016   //   ]
 CHAMP Cargosystems is proud to highlight the pioneering achievements of TRAXON on the occasion of celebrating 25 years of service to the air cargo community. TRAXON’s success story began in 1990 when Air France, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, and Lufthansa, launched the first global communication system. The aim was to facilitate the electronic exchange of information between airlines and air cargo agents.


This led to the founding of “Global Logistics System Europe Company for Cargo Information Services GmbH” operating under the trademark TRAXON Europe in 1991. During the same year, Cathay Pacific Airways and Japan Airlines established a sister company for Asia Pacific under the trademark TRAXON Asia. In 1995, Korean Airlines joined TRAXON Asia as a shareholder.


1990 was the year the first Internet page went live. These were early days of digitization with TRAXON Europe and its sister company in Asia leading the way to the digitization of global air cargo supply chains. Whilst the initial TRAXON product portfolio offered many “nice to have” applications, these have become “must haves” today.


Jean-Yves Cap, Director – French Market, Air France-KLM Cargo, recapitulates: “In the early 1990s, when Air France Cargo went in search of a vendor to provide customers with real-time shipment status updates, there was no off-the-shelf solution available. Air France and various other carriers that had the same needs decided to pool resources to ensure worldwide coverage, with Air France and Lufthansa steering TRAXON Europe, while Cathay and JAL steered TRAXON Asia. Having started out as a status update platform TRAXON went on to provide customers with other EDI services, including electronic AWBs, connectivity to Customs IT systems, and quality monitoring services. TRAXON has been a key factor in the strategic transition of air cargo into the digital era, supporting data interchange.”


“A reliable IT infrastructure for messaging is the backbone of operations in every cargo airline”, adds Jochen Goettelmann, Vice President-CIO, Lufthansa Cargo AG. “Lufthansa Cargo has been relying on the partnership with CHAMP / TRAXON, one of the leading Cargo Community System (CCS) providers, for 25 years. A strategic advantage of this cooperation is the integrated use of TRAXON CDMP for Cargo iQ reporting. Lufthansa Cargo is pleased to have recently extended its contract with CHAMP Cargosystems for a further three years.”