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CEVA Wins 2015 Top Transport Award Among Automotive Industry Cargo Shippers

[ September 21, 2015   //   ]

CEVA Logistics companies has received the 2015 Top Transport Award. CEVA was selected among the Automotive Industry cargo shippers serving the Brazil market.

In its ninth year, the Top Transport Award competition included a total of 17 categories – 16 specialties and a national preference. The award presented to CEVA reflects the result of the ninth survey on the Performance of Transportation Service Vendors, which indicated the 222 best companies selected by the market. In the 2015 edition, the survey also included the participation of 474 cargo shippers from 14 different economic sectors.

The Top Transport Project is a joint initiative of Editora Frota and Editora Logweb, created in 2007 to be a reference in the road freight market for large transport production chains, particularly for cargo shippers and their transport services providers. Its starting point is a large national survey conducted with more than 4,000 customers or contracting parties in order to identify the best road cargo transport service providers based on a methodology recognized by the market.