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CEIV Lithium Battery certification

[ October 28, 2021   //   ]

CEVA Logistics became the world’s first company to receive IATA’s new CEIV Lithium Battery certification at the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) annual World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in Dublin, Ireland, in mid-October.
CEVA had teamed with IATA to support the development of the new certification program.
The certification confirms each facility’s ability to properly handle and store lithium batteries, as well as validates the necessary training and expertise of on-site employees.
CEVA Logistics has plans to extend its certifications beyond Amsterdam and Hong Kong, with additional certified locations expected in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The company is committed to providing its customers with peace of mind through a completely certified network delivering air cargo services under its CEVA Batteries Solutions.
CEVA has significant experience in transporting all types and sizes of batteries for customers in automotive, technology, healthcare, industrial and consumer & retail industries. In the automotive market, CEVA’s expertise in new electric vehicles (NEV) batteries includes working with 14 of the 15 largest global automotive original equipment manufacturers.
With the new CEIV certification, CEVA is further demonstrating its regulatory and compliance expertise in transporting potentially dangerous goods through its CEVA Batteries Solutions. While the certification boosts CEVA’s air freight credentials for transporting lithium batteries, CEVA is able to support customers all along the battery lifecycle through a combination of contract logistics and freight management services in air, ground or ocean transport. CEVA Batteries Solutions are compliant, tailored, end-to-end global and local logistics services, ensuring the integrity of customers’ battery shipments.
CEIV Lithium Battery is the fourth CEIV program from IATA and the first CEIV certification received by CEVA Logistics. IATA’s CEIV program portfolio includes three other specific certifications: CEIV Pharma, CEIV Live Animals and CEIV Fresh. More than 300 companies across the logistics and supply chain industry have received certification under one of the programs.

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