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Carrier Transicold Showcases New Digital Solutions

[ November 6, 2019   //   ]

Carrier Transicold introduced a new suite of digital solutions during Intermodal Europe on Nov. 5-7, 2019 that provide customers with wireless connectivity and real-time data
analytics, designed to help make shipping perishables simple, transparent and
reliable worldwide.
Among those solutions are the new TripLINK™ digital tool, which proactively and remotely accesses and manages data of both refrigeration machinery and cargo worldwide, providing actionable intelligence for fleet owners to significantly improve operational efficiency.  Designed with customers in mind, this tool digitally connects customers to updates on their assets, including vital cargo health information. TripLINK software securely gathers and analyzes machine and cargo-health data that it wirelessly obtains from telematics hardware in
the refrigerated container and the micro controller.
“Our aim in unveiling these new digital solutions is to bring to our customers
convenience, visibility and actionable intelligence, ultimately to derive more savings
for them,” said Kartik Kumar, vice president/general manager, Carrier Global
Container Refrigeration. “At Carrier, the future is now. Through leveraging the latest
cutting-edge technology, especially on the digital front, we provide our customers
practical solutions they only once dreamed possible.”
Tied to the TripLINK platform is the TripWise™ software, which provides run
time diagnostics to refrigerated container units in transit with loaded cargo. These
insights allow technicians to make informed decisions for fleet operations based on
key operational parameters and allow fleet owners to gain strategic intelligence on
asset performance and location. Refrigerated container owners can save money and
time as the result of lower terminal operating expenses, higher throughput,
decreased idle time and eliminated or reduced Pre-Trip Inspections (PTIs).
Another new addition to the suite of digital solutions is the Container
eCommerce portal, which will support customers in Southeast Asia beginning mid
November, with a global rollout to follow. Customers can view Carrier Transicold’s
full catalogue of refrigerated container unit parts and place orders easily. In addition,
customers can easily review their order histories for convenient reorders.
Also on display is the new Micro-Link® 5 controller that was introduced by
Carrier Transicold in September 2019. The Micro-Link 5 controller is the industry’s
first wireless connectivity enabled refrigerated container unit controller* that is also
equipped with advanced diagnostics, allowing service technicians to save time and
money by reducing container moves and the need to restack units to retrieve critical
data or conduct troubleshooting.
To work seamlessly with the Micro-Link 5 controller and its wireless
capabilities, the new DataLINE Connect™ mobile app allows customers to work
directly with a refrigerated unit equipped to receive data via a smart phone or tablet.
In addition to its advanced digital offerings, Carrier offers three core container
refrigeration units – NaturaLINE®, PrimeLINE® and ThinLINE®, plus the PrimeLINE®
unit with EDGE technology and the PrimeLINE ONE™ refrigerated container, two
line extensions, resulting in the largest refrigeration offering of any container
equipment provider.