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Cargotec cooperates with seven startups to solve maritime industry inefficiencies

[ May 16, 2019   //   ]

Cargotec will continue joint projects with seven startups as an outcome of the Rainmaking Trade & Transport Impact Program, a leading maritime startup collaboration platform. The intention of the program is to address the largest challenges in maritime, cargo transport and logistics.

“I genuinely believe these projects have the potential to solve important inefficiencies in our industry,” says Tero Hottinen, Director Emerging Digital Business, Cargotec. “When we joined the Rainmaking program, our goal was to find partners with whom we could make an impact already in the short-term. A lot of work has been done to get to this point, but what we have found is exactly what we aimed for – several great opportunities to impact international cargo flow together.”

Kalmar is collaborating with Arundo Analytics, Cogniac and Predictronics. Ongoing projects are aiming to develop Kalmar’s service offering. “We at Kalmar are committed to shaping the industry with predictive maintenance solutions,” comments Lasse Eriksson, VP, New Service Business Concepts, Kalmar. “Our partners in the Rainmaking program have a strong track record from developing digital services for other industries. We now look forward to co-creating with them to introduce new, value-adding solutions for our customers around the world.”

MacGregor will partner with Arundo Analytics, Geollect, Intelligent Cargo Systems and NauticAI. “We are going forward on several promising paths with our partners,” says Dennis Mol, VP, Digitalization & Business Transformation, MacGregor. “Cases with high potential impact are being worked on, ranging from proactive, predictive maintenance to smartly guided lashing processes, feasibility tested spot cargo scoutings and safer mooring, enabled through a non-connected IoT solution.”

Navis is cooperating with Loginno, a logistics IoT visionary. One concrete example of this cooperation will be joint involvement in the Contopia competition, an initiative aimed towards shipping companies looking to connect their containers to IoT producing real-time data. The winner will equip their fleet with Loginno’s patented asset tracking devices, making it the world’s first truly digital shipping line with smart containers. The competition results will be announced during Nor-Shipping 2019 in June.

“It is very exciting to see talks turning into practice,” Tero Hottinen continues. “If we want to call ourselves leaders of intelligent cargo handling, we need to be on the cutting edge of digitalization and constantly develop ourselves in that area.”