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Cargo Helping to Keep the Koru Moving

[ September 10, 2020   //   ]

At Air New Zealand, cargo remains a critical component of its commercial structure so the recent extension of the International Air Freight Capacity scheme to the end of November came as welcome news to the team and customers alike. In terms of numbers, it equates to nearly 700 flights which are key for both importers and exporters in both New Zealand and overseas markets.
Air New Zealand Manager of Global Cargo Sales Alex Larsen says cargo is a really important part the Air New Zealand business, especially in the past six months when the airline hasn’t been carrying many passengers internationally.
“With the assistance of the New Zealand Ministry of Transport, our continued flying through the IAFC agreement has been instrumental in helping vital export industries like produce, seafood, chilled meats and flowers maintain international trade at a time when many other global supply chains have been severely disrupted,“ Larsen says.
“Everyone involved in making these flights possible is doing an amazing job and has shown sterling resilience as we navigate a new operating model. We’ve flown almost 100 percent of our services since standing them up, with only a small handful cancelled due to low export demand. An amazing success story of being nimble and responding positively to a crisis.
“We’ve been flying to our primary export destinations from New Zealand including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne and the Pacific Islands. It’s also meant we’ve had access to a further 50 export destinations beyond these markets through connections with our other airline and trucking partners such as Chicago, Houston, New York, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Ningbo, and the Norfolk Islands.”