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Bolloré Logistics Americas supports sustainable aviation fuel

[ July 23, 2021   //   ]

After a first commitment taken by Bolloré Logistics to cover at least 60% of its 2021 traffic with Air France KLM Cargo (AFKLMP Cargo) flights between CDG and JFK by SAF, enabling a global CO2 reduction of 50%, its subsidiaries Bolloré Logistics USA and Mexico have taken the initiative to offer the use of SAF to their clients.
From mid-2021 to mid-2022, both entities will sponsor up to 30%1 of SAF purchase made by their clients on all exportation with its partner AFKLMP Cargo. Each client purchasing SAF through this agreement will receive a certificate evidencing the global CO2 reduction enabled by this investment.
The Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is made following the principles of circular economy as it’s produced using waste and feedstocks that don’t impact negatively biodiversity, deforestation, land use and food production. It enables a reduction of up to 75% of the CO2 emission on air shipment.
“Bolloré Logistics is committed to supporting solutions for more sustainable ways of transport and promoting them to its clients. The Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) program is a good example as it is considered as one of the most promising solutions to cut CO2 emissions on long-distance flights by the aviation industry.” said Yves Laforgue, CEO Americas of Bolloré Logistics.
Through its CSR Program “Powering Sustainable Logistics” launched in 2018, Bolloré Logistics is committed to providing sustainable supply chain solutions for its clients. In line with its objective to reduce by 30% its CO2 emission2 on the transport services delivered to its client by 2030, Bolloré Logistics USA encourages its clients to integrate sustainability into the management of their activities.

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