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BNSF sustainable campus project saves water, adds color

[ June 22, 2016   //   ]


These wildflowers are firewheels, also known as Indian blankets, and right now they’re covering much of BNSF Railway’s headquarters campus in Fort Worth, Texas. They’re part of a BNSF sustainability initiative that has already saved 2.5 million gallons of water.

Since October 2015, the railroad has been converting the grounds from a traditional manicured lawn to a native Texas short grass landscape. These native plants don’t require watering, saving millions of gallons of water. The project is also significantly reducing the need for mowing, fertilizer and herbicides – supporting a more natural ecosystem.

The transition will be a multi-year process. The plan is to mow two to four times per year. The next mowing will take place once the wildflowers have gone to seed, which usually is around the first of June. At that point, the turf will be shorter and similar to a native grass meadow, about 12-18 inches high.