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BBC Chartering Introduces Lakermax Fleet

[ March 22, 2024   //   ]

BBC Chartering has introduced its next generation of multipurpose vessels with the introduction of a fleet of 13,000-deadweight-ton “LakerMax” vessels.
Ten vessels will be delivered from spring 2024 until 2026. The BBC Leer will be the first vessel delivered in April, the German carrier said in the spring issue of its BBC Navigator in-house publication.
The new triple-deckers will feature twin Liebherr LS 250 shipboard cranes, providing combined lift capacity of 500 tonnes at a maximum hoist of 36 meters. The bridge and crew accommodation is located at the front of the ship, with all on-deck facilities of the vessel located portside. This allows for an unobstructed 2,830 square meters of space on the weather deck.
The design of the BBC LakerMax vessels has been optimized to still fit both the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes – hence the name. Their The 6,000 kW Maschinenfabriek Augsburg-Nurnberg, Burmeister & Wain main engines offer an eco-friendly service speed of 15.6 knots.
The two cargo holds of the BBC LakerMax vessels are box shaped and offer 25,796 cubic meters of cargo space with a floor space of 4,860 square meters, with two tween decks in operation. BBC Chartering said the higher capacity of cargo spaces below deck compared to existing tonnage allows for up to 30 percent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions per freight ton carried.
The main large triple-deck cargo hold can accommodate a maximum possible length of cargo units under deck of up to 104.3 meters and a width of up to 18.2 meters. Hatch covers and tweendecks allow for loads up to 4 tonnes per square meter, while the tank top can handle up to 20 tonnes per square meter, in parts up to 25 tons per square meter. The vessels are certified to sail “open-top,” or with open hatch covers.
The BBC LakerMax vessels “are designed to adapt to the diverse needs of clients across industries. Whether transporting massive machinery, oversized components for energy projects, or critical infrastructure materials, these vessels offer a versatile solution for a wide range of cargo types,” BBC Chartering said. “Our focus on flexibility ensures that our clients can rely on the BBC LakerMax fleet to deliver tailored and efficient logistics solutions for their unique challenges.
In addition to BBC Leer, the other vessels will be named BBC Houston, BBC Santiago, BBC Singapore, BBC Genoa, BBC Dubai, BBC Tokyo, BBC Sao Paulo, BBC Bremen and BBC Shanghai.

The BBC Leer is the first of a 10-vessel order of its new Lakermax fleet. PHOTO: BBC Chartering