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BASF Provides Shipment Visibility Using Decartes Macropoint Solution

[ October 2, 2017   //   ]

Descartes Systems Group reports that NJ-based BASF Corp. has deployed the Descartes MacroPoint™ freight visibility solution. BASF is using the solution across its supply chain, customer care, sales and logistics business units to improve the delivery reliability and productivity of transportation providers servicing its North American supply chain.

“As our business has scaled and grown over the years, maintaining excellence in customer service has been a top priority for BASF,” said Bill Wehrle, Director, Supply Chain, BASF. “Driven by customer demand, we sought an automated tracking solution that would provide real-time updates of our bulk truck shipments. After researching the Descartes MacroPoint solution, we decided it was the best fit for our operations. Since its successful implementation, we have seen tremendous improvements in our efficiency and customer satisfaction, as the platform allows us to evaluate delivery reliability information and implement optimization measures.”

The cloud-based Descartes MacroPoint freight tracking solution gives carriers, brokers, logistics service providers and shippers, such as BASF, real-time visibility into load status. Organizations can more closely monitor and evaluate the real-time movement of all their freight in one portal, and take proactive, corrective action before any potential supply chain disruptions occur. Using this robust, automated solution, companies of all sizes can eliminate the need for time-consuming and ineffective check calls with carriers to ascertain load location details, streamline transportation operations, and improve communication about in-transit freight across the supply chain.

“The quick, successful implementation of our solution into nearly all of BASF’s business units is a great example of the power and benefits that real-time transparency and visibility into shipping can provide companies in diverse industries worldwide.” said Dan Cicerchi, Vice-President Descartes MacroPoint Solutions at Descartes.

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