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ATSSA calls for roadway safety infrastructure funding at HMG press conference

[ May 16, 2019   //   ]

The American Traffic Safety Services Association’s (ATSSA) President & CEO Roger Wentz joined members of Congress and infrastructure leaders from the Highway Materials Group for a press conference on May 14 to call on Congress to rebuild America’s aging infrastructure.

The press conference was in conjunction with Infrastructure Week, a national awareness campaign that calls on federal legislators to invest in our nation’s infrastructure. ATSSA is the leader in the roadway safety infrastructure industry, representing more than 1,500 member companies that manufacture, supply, and install roadway safety infrastructure devices that save lives each day on our nation’s roadways.

“On behalf of ATSSA’s 1,500 member companies, we call on Congress and the White House to robustly invest in our nation’s roadway infrastructure. This investment is critical to the safety of the traveling public. The recent crashes of two jetliners that resulted in 346 fatalities garnered international headlines and the worldwide grounding of the 747 MAX 8. Yet, more than 37,000 people were killed on U.S. roads in 2017, which is roughly the equivalent to 75 fully-loaded aircraft. Where is the public outcry? Where is the media focus? Is this not also a crisis?

We know how to make our roads safer for drivers, for cyclists, and for pedestrians. We just need the means to do it. Therefore, we call on Congress to aggressively combat roadway fatalities and serious injuries by investing in a roadway safety-focused infrastructure package, which is paid for by increasing user fees and dedicating ten cents of each dollar to saving lives. We are asking road users to pay just a little bit more so that every family member in every community and congressional district can come home safely each and every day.

Investing in America’s roadway safety infrastructure is good economics, good politics, and most importantly, good for safety. We have the ability, knowledge, and passion to save lives. Let’s get to work.” said Wentz during his remarks.