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ATA Opens Nominations for Annual Image Awards

[ September 18, 2020   //   ]

The American Trucking Associations announced it was opening nominations for the 2020 Mike Russell Trucking Image Award – recognizing individuals and organizations that have gone the extra mile to promote the image and reputation of the industry.

“As the country faced unprecedented obstacles due to the spread of COVID-19, Americans witnessed firsthand the steadfast efforts and importance of the trucking industry,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “As an industry, we collectively came together and told our story. When the world needed us, we proudly reassured families that ‘a truck is on the way’ and that the industry is fully committed to doing its part in the national effort to ensure America makes it through the coronavirus pandemic.”

First awarded in 2007, the Mike Russell Trucking Image award is given to an individual, motor carrier, trucking organization and industry supplier who each demonstrate excellence in illustrating the industry’s essentiality, professionalism, and commitment to safety on and off the highways. Since for the 2014, the award has been sponsored by HireRight.

In 2019, ATA recognized Covenant Transport for developing the Tomorrow’s Truckers program, the Minnesota Trucking Association for being one of the leading trucking image supporters at the state level, Fleet executive Kevin Burch of Jet Express Inc. for developing some of the industry’s high-profile image efforts, and America’s Road Team Captain and YRC Freight professional truck driver Steve Fields for being the epitome of an American truck driver in his actions, professionalism and words.

“By promoting the industry’s image and educating the public about our important role in the community, we increase opportunities to recruit new talent, share our collective industry achievements, and ensure a continued seat at the table while advocating for trucking’s policy priorities,” said Dr. Todd Simo, managing director of transportation and chief medical officer at HireRight. “The Mike Russell Trucking Image Awards align with HireRight’s mission to promote a safety-first perspective within trucking and support the continued professional success of organizations and individuals in the industry.”
Image and education efforts help the trucking industry and its stakeholders tell the story of the industry, put faces on the nation’s 3.6 million professional drivers, and strengthen the industry’s many partnerships with communities and policymakers across the country. The contributions of all Mike Russell Trucking Image Award winners and nominees, have undoubtedly led to an improved national image of trucking, and have provided great benefit to the stakeholders of our industry.

“Over the last six years we have seen a drastic improvement in the way the American public perceives the trucking industry. This change is due to our industry making incredible efforts to deliver our message and show people the positive impact we have,” said ATA Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs Elisabeth Barna. “National polling has found that the more an individual knows someone in trucking, the better perception they have of the whole industry. These positive views lead to tangible grassroots and advocacy victories and the advancement of trucking’s priorities, while improving our ability to recruit and attract new talent who want to begin a career our industry.”

Mike Russell Trucking Image submissions are evaluated by an impartial panel of judges, and winners are determined based on a number of factors including creativity, frequency, impact, and execution.