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ASF Logistics expands Flexitank capabilities

[ November 10, 2023   //   ]

ASF Logistics announces the expansion of their Flexitanks unit committed to driving adoption of this highly efficient and environmentally friendly form of shipping for non-hazardous bulk liquid cargo. Jeff Plumley brings his established Flexitanks and global logistics expertise to lead this endeavor.

ASF provides a complete end-to-end Flexitank logistics and transportation solution, including the traditional single tank and innovative, 3-tank system. U.S. shippers benefit from access to high quality tanks crafted in North America ensuring timely access, superior performance and reliability.

Flexitanks are a high-quality solution for bulk liquids including: wine, agricultural oils, liquid latex, malt extracts, fruit juices, liquid detergents, bio-fuels, refined base oils and non-hazardous chemicals. As compared to drums, ISO tanks and IBC totes, Flexitanks have many advantages.