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Around the world in 13 herbs

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Logistics for the soul, or more like, for the throat when it comes to the global presence of Switzerland-based Ricola’s herb drops. Developed from secret recipes using soothing Swiss mountain herbs, these world-renowned drops have been calming coughs the world over.

Started in 1930, Swiss herb candy manufacturer Ricola has evolved into a leading confectionery manufacturer as well as a beloved brand throughout the world. In fact, Ricola exports 90 percent of its hard and liquid center cough drops as well as herb drops and instant teas to over 50 countries around the globe, primarily the United States, Germany, France and Italy. Ricola is also the market leader for herb drops in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Through its close partnership with Dachser, a leading global logistics provider, Ricola is focused more than ever on driving productivity and transparency throughout its supply chain. The overarching goal is to leverage the strength of Dachser’s logistics network as a competitive advantage across its global markets.

Collaborating with Dachser – an experienced and dependable partner

Since 2008, Ricola has been working with Dachser to distribute its products around the world. “At the time, we were looking for an experienced and reliable partner who could help us access markets where, ideally, it already had a presence itself, and who would give us maximum control over the various processes based on its network and IT capabilities,” explains Jochen Layer, Vice President Corporate Fulfillment at Ricola AG.

“We felt like we were in good hands from the word go with Dachser, and that our needs were fully understood. That goes not only for our direct contacts in Switzerland but also for our contacts in the Dachser branches in the Americas and the Far East, where a large proportion of our exports are delivered,” says Layer. “We need to know that quality standards are maintained in compliance with the relevant standards along the entire supply chain.” It’s in the nature of the product. “Hence our need for a logistics partner who is competent, reliable, and at the top of its game,” Layer adds.

The bigger picture – robust and reliable logistics evolution

“We’re always looking at the bigger picture, at optimizing all our processes and continuing to develop the supply chain. Our aim is to have robust and reliable supply chains that enable maximum transparency along the entire flow of goods. We’re not looking for a revolution here, but an evolution geared to the respective market conditions,” says Layer as he stresses Ricola has high expectations of the logistics services provided to the long-established Swiss company.

“We offer our customers full transparency when it comes to transporting products from Laufen, Switzerland to the United States. We also draw on a choice of carriers for secured transport capacity. This makes it easier for Ricola to regulate its stocks along the entire supply chain and to further minimize storage times between the end of production and distribution. And all from a single source,” says Bruno Zwiker, Sea Freight Manager at Dachser Air & Sea Logistics Switzerland. This results in the optimum use of the US as a base and safeguards Ricola’s market position thanks to a well-planned, swiftly executed supply chain program.

Global market accessibility – all from a single source

Currently, Ricola and Dachser are collaborating to improve the way they access core markets in Asia and North America. They are also looking to accelerate their ability to supply to Central and South America, which will now also be supported by a contract logistics hub in Panama.

From the perspective of Samuel Haller, Country Manager for the Air & Sea Logistics business field at Dachser Switzerland, the ‘one-stop-shop’ approach benefits all those involved. In his experience, focusing on one partner adds considerable value “both for distribution partners and for the Ricola Group itself. This type of concept also entails clearly measurable economies of scale. We can optimize costs to a significant extent by improving capacity and procurement management,” Haller says. By keeping the interfaces with Dachser to a minimum, Ricola can also concentrate more on the needs of its customers, which in turn strengthens its relationships.

With an eye to Supply Chain Management 4.0, Ricola is now looking to further intensify its partnership with Dachser through the increased digitalization and integration of processes. “This long-term collaboration based on partnership and trust would not be possible without our shared values and principles,” adds Layer. In fact, they are as integral to the partnership as the blend of 13 herbs is to Ricola.

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