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AIR AMS Section 321 De Minimis IT Solution

[ January 16, 2019   //   ]

Intellect Technologies, a leading U.S. Customs authorized service and global logistics technology solutions provider, has announced their latest innovation for their eCustoms platform. This state-of-the-art ACE/ABI compliant software solution introduces an eCommerce Section 321 DeMinimis Solution.

What is Section 321?

March 2016, US. Customs (CBP) published an interim final rule to change the duty-free value and taxes due of products imported into the U.S. from $200 to $800, known as DeMinimis Section 321.

De Minimis is the process by which cargo can be imported up to a value of $800 of products by one person on one business day. The increase in the De Minimis value is intended to streamline and facilitate the movement of low value shipments. CBP has several conditions for products to qualify under Section 321, such as type of commodities. Over the past year, CBP started allowing electronic filing permission at specific U.S. air gateways.

“Intellect eCustoms solution is designed to expedite the clearance process on eCommerce Air shipments. It can submit thousands of HAWBs to one MAWB. Our solution will verify data and show any errors prior to submission to Customs. If you also have a CFS to receive import product, the solution can generate the transfer request and delivery release to the warehouse,” states Sri Himakuntala, CEO, Intellect Technologies.

As a separate bolt on application or as an integrated module within Intellect’s eFreight transportation management system for further automation and single entry of data, eCustoms has a seamless interface to: Section 321, AMS/ACE, ABI, AES, and ISF. With this solution you will be able to:

• Process a high volume of transactions in a single submission
• Receive notification alerts with full visibility
• Resubmit rejected transactions

“The volume of transactions that are enabled with shippers being able to ship cargo valued at $800 or less duty free is enormous, and it is only expected to grow,” says Himakuntala. “Our clients could not keep up with the ACE eManifest requirements. Now with our eFreight system in place, carriers may elect to make the Section 321 claim to expedite the clearance process with only a few clicks. The results have been tremendous. Our clients can handle all the filings electronically, with ease.”