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[ April 12, 2020   //   ]

In the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic and mounting economic pressure on charities to maintain their vital support of worthy causes, AAL – celebrating its 25th anniversary this year – is offering these organizations cargo transport on its global fleet to and from any port on its scheduled sailings, free of freight charge.

AAL’s ‘Get Onboard!’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative was launched on April 8 for an indefinite period and will consider any registered charity worldwide regardless of the chosen cause.

Kyriacos Panayides, Managing Director of AAL, explained: “The virus pandemic has taken its toll on not just the shipping sector, but businesses and organizations everywhere – devastating supply chains and pressuring financial performance. This is especially true of charities, who rely on the goodwill of individual and institutional donors to get help. Unfortunately, widespread job losses, social distancing regulations, and the global economic downturn means they are losing much needed support and revenue. This, in turn, hurts the beneficiaries of their work the most.”

With 2020 being the company’s 25th anniversary year, executives there unanimously agreed to harness this milestone to give something back to the communities they serve.

“Get Onboard!’ is open to any registered charity – childrens’, environmental, health and disability, welfare and hunger / poverty, community service, educational, animal protection, etc.

“We have a fleet of multipurpose heavy lift ships operating nonstop and carrying cargo between large and small ports in key markets across the world – Oceania, Asia, India, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas,” Panavides said. “Subject to terms and conditions being met, we will carry containerized (shipper owned container) cargo free of freight charge no matter how long the journey. It’s our privilege to try and help.”