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AACargo enhances pet program

[ November 23, 2021   //   ]

American Airlines Cargo introduces American PetEmbark, an enhancement to its pet program that now offers customers last mile solutions, new tools and resources and will soon include a more seamless booking process – making pet travel on American easier than ever.
Part of the PetEmbark program includes a new video guide that offers step-by-step instructions for booking a pet on American, ranging in information from kennel guidelines to approved travel conditions to drop-off and pick-up timing. The video explains how American’s trained pet-handlers and agents will care for pets along the journey and the pride American takes in helping these precious passengers along their journey.
The airline also recently announced a new partnership with My Pet Cab. Available for booking as of September 1, My Pet Cab offers pet owners a safe and seamless home delivery service for pets while working directly with American to coordinate and complete the final miles of each pet’s itinerary. My Pet Cab vehicles are equipped to prioritize each pet’s health and safety on their ride home, outfitted with secondary air systems and electronic monitoring thermometers as well as remote cameras and vehicle monitoring systems.
“With American PetEmbark, our customers have more access to tools and resources that make shipping their pet as seamless as possible,” said Vittal Shetty, Head of Cargo Strategy for AACargo. “These enhancements not only make it easier for pet owners to do business with us but helps to ensure a safe and stress-free journey from start to finish.”
American has more than 65 years of experience transporting animals and provides industry-leading policies and procedures to ensure all animals have the best experience possible. With American’s PetEmbark program, customers can feel confident their furry friends will be in the hands of a dedicated team of compassionate animal handlers.

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